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Phoenix Knockerball Rentals and What are Knockerballs?

Most people have seen the cool videos of players throwing on large plastic bubble suits and bashing into each other. Most would love to try out the exciting new sport of bubble soccer. What a lot of people don’t realize is that the fun new sport of Knockerball is available right here in the Phoenix valley! As this is a young sport, there is some confusion around what exactly it is, so we wanted to take a moment to help clarify some of the basics.

We occasionally get asked what the word “knockerball” refers to. Is it the name of the sport, or maybe the brand of bubbles? The answer is a little bit of both. Knockerball is the brand of bubble we use for our events here in the Phoenix valley. We researched several providers of “bubble suits,” and found that knockerballs provided the most durable design and materials of any bubble soccer company, so we at Bubble Battles only use the Knockerball brand.

Since bubble soccer is a relatively new sport, it is still developing its identity and people call the sport itself by several different names such as bubble soccer, knockerball, bubble battles, bubble sports, or “the games you play inside a big plastic bubble.” With a bit of an identity crises, it can be confusing what to call this sport exactly. Since Knockerball is the leading provider, they are becoming a sort of “master-brand” of the industry, so many people call the sport by that name-kind of like everyone calls bandages “band-aids.”

Regardless of what you call this sport, one thing is very clear: it’s dang fun!! We get comments from players and spectators all the time about how much they’ve enjoyed our knockerball events here in Phoenix. We’d love to give you the same experience here at Bubble Battles, so give us a call for more information on how to book your next party or visit this page to learn more about our rental services in Phoenix.