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Games Played at our Birthday Party Rentals

We often get asked what games are available to play at our events, so we thought we’d take a moment to review some of our most popular games. Here are the most popular games requested at our birthday party and other event rentals.

Bubble Soccer

As you can probably guess, bubble soccer is a fun twist on the original game of soccer where all players are inside large inflatable bubbles. This makes for a very interesting game as players rush to score points while having to watch their backs so they don’t get knocked over by another player, which is not only allowed, but encouraged in this game.

Sharks and Minnows

This game starts with 1 or 2 “sharks” in the middle of the field as all the “minnows” line up on one side of the field. When the whistle blows, all the minnows try to get past the sharks without getting knocked over. If they get knocked over, they then become sharks during the next round. As more sharks are added to the mix, it becomes harder for minnows to get past the sharks as they become increasingly

outnumbered. The last minnow standing is the winner.

Kill the Chief

Teams line up on either end of the field. Each team has a “chief” that his teammates must help protect at all times. When the whistle blows, the chief of each team must get to the other side of the field and back without getting knocked over. If the chief gets knocked over, the whole team has to run back to the starting position before trying again. Team work and strategy are vital in this game as players must juggle between protecting their chief and knocking the other team’s chief over.

Last Man Standing

All players start out by surrounding the field on the outer edge. When the whistle blows, everyone rushes in to try to knock everyone else over. Once a player is knocked over, they are now out and exit the field. The game continues until there is only 1 player left standing.

Our birthday party rentals also start out with a few minutes of open play where players can do flips, roll around, and bash into eachother as they get used to being in the Knockerballs. If there is a hill in the area we play, people will often ball up inside their bubble suits and roll down it.

Our Knockerball rentals provide loads of fun for any birthday party, corporate event, church event, and many other events we provide for.

If you’re interested in trying out any of these games, contact us today to book your next party!