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Corporate Outings and Team Building Ideas

Here at Bubble Battles, we often get asked what type of events we offer. Our answer is usually pretty simple-we host a variety of different events from birthday parties to church groups to corporate outings.

We receive a lot of interest from companies asking about what we offer for team building ideas, so we thought we’d write a brief article about our corporate events.

For our corporate team building events, the person setting the event up will let us know where the event will take place. Sometimes the event is held at the company’s building if there’s a large grass area or indoor area suitable for play.

We’ll show up to set up the playing field and the Knockerballs before the event starts. We will also have a ref on hand to host a variety of fun games for the guests. Bubble Battles allows a unique bonding experience for your employees as they bash and knock into each other.

There are many reasons companies can benefit from corporate outings. Perhaps employees aren’t bonding as a team as much as you’d like to see. Maybe the team is doing a great job and deserve to be rewarded for their hard work with a fun-filled activity.

Regardless of the reasons, our corporate events provide a net win for everyone involved. Employees will love getting into our inflatable plastic bubbles and bashing into each other. Our bubble soccer parties will help bring teams together in a unique way only Bubble Battles can provide.

From plain dinners to cheezy games, it’s easy to swing and miss when it comes to planning a successful corporate outing. However, Bubble Battles is here to offer a better option that most, if not all, of your team members have never had the opportunity to experience before.

We’d love to help strengthen your team with our team building activities. For more information, call us

at (602) 540-2289. For more team building ideas, click here.