All You Need To Know

How can I book an event within 72 hours?

If you would like to book an event within 72 hours, simply contact us and we will see what we can do!

 Are there size or age requirements?

We have 3 different sizes for different heights and ages. The smallest bubble suits will fit most kids starting at ages 2 or 3. We also have Medium sizes that fit kids ages 8-12+, then larger bubbles for ages 12+, depending on height.

Where do we play?

For outdoor games, any grassy area about the size of half a basketball court will work great. Just tell us where you want to play and we’ll bring the fun to you. For indoor games, the customer is responsible for securing a suitable location for indoor play, such as an open gym or indoor soccer arena. We can help find a suitable play location if you’d like help.

Is it safe?

While your body is protected from the waist up, injuries are still possible since it is an active sport. We review safety rules before the start of all events so all players know how best to avoid any injuries during play. We also require all players to sign liability waivers

What comes with the rental?

  • On-site delivery to location of your choice

  • Complete setup of playing field and bubble suits before event start time

  • 1 hour of game play (Additional time is $50 per each additional ½ hr)

  • Event coordinator on-site to ref and organize a variety of games

  • Complete take-down of field and bubbles afterwards

How do I schedule?

You can call us, email us, or book online to schedule your bubble soccer event.

When do I pay?

We require a $100 deposit at booking, then the rest of the balance is to be payed no later than 3 days before the event date.

What is your refund policy?

We will allow full refunds for events if we are given at least a 48 hour notice. If events are cancelled within 48 hours, we will refund the full amount, minus a $100 booking fee.

What if it rains the day of the event?

Bubble Battles will still set up, play, and take down while it’s raining. If you would like to reschedule due to rain, just let us know and we can move your event to a more suitable day. If you would like to cancel due to rain, our refund policy will still be in effect where we would need a 48 hour notice for a full refund. Keep in mind that if it is raining, there will be no refunds once we begin setup. We cannot set up and take down the event for free-we will have to charge the full amount unless given notice of reschedule or cancellation before beginning event setup.