Can I Play Knockerball During Summer in Phoenix?

We often get asked if knockerball can be played in the Phoenix valley’s summer heat. While the short answer is both yes and no, we wanted to give a little more information on the topic. Phoenix is known for its beautiful fall, winter, and spring seasons and also for its brutal summer heat. Here at Bubble Battles, we host events year-round, especially fall-spring to take advantage of the great valley weather. While we also [...]

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Corporate Outings and Team Building Ideas

Corporate Outings and Team Building Ideas Here at Bubble Battles, we often get asked what type of events we offer. Our answer is usually pretty simple-we host a variety of different events from birthday parties to church groups to corporate outings. We receive a lot of interest from companies asking about what we offer for team building ideas, so we thought we’d write a brief article about our corporate events. For our corporate team [...]

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Why Choose Bubble Battles for your Knockerball Party in Phoenix?

Here at Bubble Battles, we pride ourselves in providing the best events possible for our clients. We are a local, family-owned and operated business based in Peoria, AZ. While we primarily serve the west Phoenix valley, we also host Knockerball events in in east valley as well. When we started our business, we made the decision to stick to what we do best instead of spreading ourselves too thin by providing a bunch of [...]

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