Can I Play Knockerball During Summer in Phoenix?

We often get asked if knockerball can be played in the Phoenix valley’s summer heat. While the short answer is both yes and no, we wanted to give a little more information on the topic.

Phoenix is known for its beautiful fall, winter, and spring seasons and also for its brutal summer heat. Here at Bubble Battles, we host events year-round, especially fall-spring to take advantage of the great valley weather. While we also host several events during the summer months, we do take caution not to schedule events during the hotter hours of the day if the event will be held outside.


We don’t recommend playing in the bubble suits outdoors during weather above 90⁰ with the sun out as they will get too hot to play in when the sun is hitting them. However, we do still schedule outdoor events in the early morning and night when the sun isn’t out. Though it still may be 85⁰+ during the early morning and night hours, the knockerballs don’t get hot when the sun isn’t hitting them. We do remind participants that playing in the bubble suits is a physical activity and proper hydration, as with any sport, is extremely important when playing in hotter weather. For some great tips to follow when playing in hotter weather, read this article.

Another option available for those wanting to have a Bubble Battles party during the summer in Phoenix is to have the party indoors. There are several indoor soccer fields that can be rented to play on. A lot of people also use their church gymnasium or school basketball courts to play indoors. Since Bubble Battles does not have a brick and mortar location (yet), the customer is responsible for securing an indoor facility to use. If you need help finding a suitable indoor location, contact us and we’d be happy to give you some indoor options in your area.

Playing knockerball can still be a blast during the summer months here in Phoenix! For more information on this topic or to schedule your event, just give us a call.

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