What’s included with your Package?

  • On-site delivery to location of your choice

  • Complete setup of playing field and bubble suits before event start time

  • 1 hour of game play (Additional time is $50 per each additional ½ hr)

  • Event coordinator on-site to ref and organize a variety of games

  • Complete take-down of field and bubble suits afterwards

We service all cities in the Greater Phoenix and Flagstaff Area and are happy to provide location suggestions. All packages include 1 hour of playtime, and extra time can be purchased for $50 per additional ½ hour. Our event coordinators will be on site during your event to host a variety of fun games.


If you have more players than the amount of bubbles you book, don’t worry-our event coordinators will rotate players throughout the event to be sure everyone gets plenty of play time.


We will always arrive well before the start of your event to set up the field and bubble suits.

Contact us for pricing on custom packages larger than 20 bubbles.

10 Bubbles - $300

14 Bubbles - $350

18 Bubbles - $400