Can I Play Knockerball During Summer in Phoenix?

We often get asked if knockerball can be played in the Phoenix valley’s summer heat. While the short answer is both yes and no, we wanted to give a little more information on the topic. Phoenix is known for its beautiful fall, winter, and spring seasons and also for its brutal summer heat. Here at Bubble Battles, we host events year-round, especially fall-spring to take advantage of the great valley weather. While we also [...]

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4 Reasons to Play Bubble Soccer at Your Birthday Party

Well it’s that time of the year again to plan another birthday party for your kids. So what’s it gonna be? A game truck? Maybe a bounce house or laser tag? But then you realize those are all “been there, done that” kind of activities, so you want something more exciting for that special party. At Bubble Battles, our customers love playing the exciting new game of bubble soccer for their birthday party. Here’s [...]

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Corporate Outings and Team Building Ideas

Corporate Outings and Team Building Ideas Here at Bubble Battles, we often get asked what type of events we offer. Our answer is usually pretty simple-we host a variety of different events from birthday parties to church groups to corporate outings. We receive a lot of interest from companies asking about what we offer for team building ideas, so we thought we’d write a brief article about our corporate events. For our corporate team [...]

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Why Choose Bubble Battles for your Knockerball Party in Phoenix?

Here at Bubble Battles, we pride ourselves in providing the best events possible for our clients. We are a local, family-owned and operated business based in Peoria, AZ. While we primarily serve the west Phoenix valley, we also host Knockerball events in in east valley as well. When we started our business, we made the decision to stick to what we do best instead of spreading ourselves too thin by providing a bunch of [...]

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Phoenix Knockerball Rentals And What They Are

Many of us have seen the cool videos of players throwing on large plastic bubble suits and bashing into eachother. Most would love to try out the exciting new sport of bubble soccer. What a lot of people don’t realize is that the fun new sport of Knockerball is available right here in the Phoenix valley! As this is a young sport, there is some confusion around what exactly it is, so we wanted [...]

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Games Played at Your Birthday Party Rental

We often get asked what games are available to play at our events, so we thought we’d take a moment to review some of our most popular games. Here are the most popular games requested at our birthday party and other event rentals. Bubble Soccer As you can probably guess, bubble soccer is a fun twist on the original game of soccer where all players are inside large inflatable bubbles. This makes for a [...]

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5 Tips to Make Your Birthday Party Planning a Success

  Birthday parties can be an absolute blast with the right planning or the source of many a gray hair if poorly planned. Here are 5 tips to consider when planning your next birthday party: Consider the weather you’ll have. Here in Arizona especially, you need to be aware of the weather expected for any  outdoor activities being planned for the party. While bounce hous es and bubble soccer rentals are great for cooler weather, [...]

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Birthday Party Rentals

Knockerballs are the perfect rentals for any birthday party. From game trucks and inflatables, to laser tag and just hanging out with family, there are many ways to celebrate a birthday. While these are all great options, we here at Bubble Battles offer another solution to those struggling to find the perfect way to celebrate a birthday. Bubble soccer rentals are a great way to bring family and friends together to celebrate a birthday [...]

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Team Building Activities with Bubble Battles

We offer unique team building activities for sports teams. Bubble Battles provides fun-filled events for sports teams . Our exciting team building activities are great for sports teams of all ages from elementary school to high school. Players get a great workout in while having a ton of fun in our plastic bubble suits. Our events are great for end of season games or practice substitutes to have some fun while still getting in [...]

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