Are there size or age requirements?

Our large knockerballs will fit anyone around 5’1″ and up, while our medium knockerballs are for players below this height. Most kids age 6 and below will have trouble actually playing in a bubble suit, though they can hop in them and have as much fun as they want.

Where do we play?

For outdoor games, any grassy area about the size of half a basketball court will work. Just tell us where you want to play and we’ll bring the fun to you. For indoor games, we have agreements with several indoor complexes that allow us to use their facilities at a discounted rate. Most schools will rent out their gyms for a reasonable price as well

Is it safe?

While your body is protected from the waist up, injuries are still possible as with any sport. We review safety rules before the start of all events so all players know how best to avoid any injuries during play.

What comes with the rental?

We will show up well before the start time of the event to set up the bubble balls, cones, and goals. Once you and your guests arrive, a coordinator will be on hand to organize several fun games. You can also choose to have us bring a large portable stereo you can hook your favorite music into if you need some tunes during games. Just be sure to wear comfortable playing clothes and bring plenty of water, and we’ve got the rest.

How do I schedule?

Just call us or enter you contact information online to schedule your bubble soccer event. We are also working on a system to enable online booking soon.

When do I pay?

All payments are due up front to hold reservations.

What is your refund policy?

We will allow full refunds for events if we are given at least a 48 hour notice. If events are cancelled within 48 hours, we will refund the full amount, minus a $50 booking fee.

What if it rains the day of the event?

Bubble Battles will still set up, play, and take down while it’s raining. If you would like to reschedule due to rain, just let us know and we can move your event to a more suitable day. If you would like to cancel due to rain, our refund policy will still be in effect where we would need a 48 hour notice for a full refund. Keep in mind that if it is raining, there will be no refunds once we begin setup. We cannot set up and take down the event for free-we will have to charge the full amount unless given notice of reschedule or cancellation before beginning event setup.