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Pick a Location

  • Choose where your party would like to play

  • Outdoor areas must be grassy

  • We host indoor events as well

Book Your Reservation

  • Book a time for your event

  • Let us know how many bubbles you need

  • We have bubble balls to fit everyone

Have Fun

  • We'll take care of the rest

  • We provide set-up and take-down

  • A referee will stay on site to supervise games

Our Services

Bubble Battles offers a fun new way to enjoy games and sports both indoors and outdoors. Our specialty is coordinating events where players are able to battle safely while inside our large bubble balls.


After an event is scheduled and a location is chosen, we will show up on the event day with the amount of bubbles you need for your party. You select the location, and we deliver! Our goal is to do everything we can to make sure you experience the most fun you’ve ever had!


If you’re looking for something new and exciting for your next event, look no further!

Bubble battles is a bubble soccer rental company specializing in hosting parties for family functions or friendly gatherings such as family reunions, birthday partiescorporate events, team building events, fundraiser programs, bachelor parties, festivals, schools, college events, camps, and church event or youth groups.

Different bubble ball games to play!

Bubble Battles offers several options for games to play. Some of these include familiar classics like last man standing, bubble soccer, sharks and minnows, sumo circle-only we play them all while inside large plastic bubbles.


When these or any other games are played inside our plastic bubble suits, players experience a whole new level of fun! When played as a group, bubble soccer games are all about exhilarating knocks, tumbles, bashes, and roaring laughter, making bubble sports ideal for people of all ages.


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